Edit; 2017/06/04: OSMI has managed to reach and exceed their fundraising goal; thank you to everyone who helped; the WPTavern has covered this in more detail.

Open Sourcing Mental Illness (or OSMI) is making its final call for sponsors and donors which ends this Friday.

Open Sourcing Mental Illness Ltd is a non-profit Indiana corporation with 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status (If this is incentive to know, especially to businesses).

If you look at the WPHugs sponsors page you would notice that we do not take any monetary donations but instead offer OSMI as a place to donate to.

OSMI does and is still doing (and with your help, can continue doing) amazing work and research in the field of changing how we speak about mental wellness in the tech industry, a topic that is so very important to all of us.

OSMI has released some helpful guides and resources which you could get for free (or for a small donation) on the subject of Mental Health in Tech, they have three:

  • Guidelines for Mental Health in the Workplace
  • Guidelines for Executives and HR professionals, and
  • Guidelines for Employees

As of writing this, OSMI is just over 80% of their goal target, and it would be wonderful if we all gave a little to the cause of changing the way we speak and discuss mental health in the tech industry.

As a quick disclaimer though, WPHugs and myself (Leo Gopal) are not ‘affiliated’ with OSMI in any monetary way, we simply share the same mission.

I could not give a significant donation at the moment due to current circumstances, but trust me, there is no insignificant donation, every dollar makes a dent.

Another great thing (and I promise I will stop here) about donating to OSMI is that its not a one way street. Even though they already do so much by way of research and outreach, they also have donation packs. Depending on how much you’re able to donate, there is something you will get in return for it that would most likely benefit your own dev skills. And to end, here is the link to donate: https://osmihelp.org/2017-campaign and a quick word from the founder himself:

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