Giving thanks

WPHugs would not exist without the help and support of some people and organisations along the way.

This page hopes to recognise them for their support and give thanks.

Mshini.com have truly been amazing local managed WordPress hosting that I have ever seen with phenomenal support.

Travis Lima

Travis Lima is an amazing human and one of the first to design such a meaningful logo for WPHugs and is a beast at coding too. Find out more about it here.

Want to become a sponsor and find out how you can help?

Donate to OSMI

OSMI (Open Sourcing Mental Illness) is a registered non-profit organisation with the same goals and values as WPHugs – geared at the entire tech industry.

They do invaluable work for our community, from talks all the way to research, so if you wish to contribute in a monetary way, please donate to OSMI.

Open Sourcing Mental Health